Features You Should Care about In a Vlogging Camera

With vlogging superstars like Jenna Marbles, Peter McKinnon and PewDiePie showcasing their success now and then, more people are embracing the idea of becoming vloggers. Sure, anyone can invest in a camera, but if you want to become a legitimate vlogger with a competitive edge. You’ll need to buy a pretty nice one. The market is flooding with a myriad of high quality cameras equipped with numerous features, but you’ll be surprised to know that some of these components are not important for vlogging. Such features will only add to the price of the camera rather than facilitating your vlogging endeavor.

Here are some vital aspects you should care about when buying a vlogging camera.

Video Quality

To get superior quality videos, you’ll need to pay close attention to the video resolution. In every vlogging camera, the resolution is indicated either on the camera itself or its guidebook. Most resolutions range between 360p to 1080p, but you may come across one with 4K. These numbers indicate the horizontal lines your video will have starting from the top right corner down towards the bottom left.


A single line comes with a width of 852 pixels. In simpler words, the numbers indicated on your camera or manual equate to HD ready, Full HD and Ultra HD – the more the digits, the better resolution your videos will have.

Image Stabilization

Vloggers are at liberty to record their videos from any place, any time of the day as long as it matches their niche. Some simply sit in their bedrooms and record, which is fine, while others make their videos on the go. Irrespective of your undertakings, your vlogging camera should have a built-in optical image stabilization feature. Whether you are walking, riding a bicycle or zipping on a line, the image stabilization feature will ensure that you produce smooth videos regardless of the scene being shaky or blurred. You may also want to go for vlogging camera with a tripod for added stability.

Articulating Screen

Most vlogs involve self-recording. Therefore, getting a camera with an articulating screen will be a point plus in your vlogging endeavor. Also known as hinged, flip or adjustable screen, an articulating screen essentially allows you to watch yourself as you record. This feature will come in handy for vloggers who move a lot; it helps them know when they are about to go off the screen.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

This feature is extremely useful for live streaming; it allows you to provide your audience with live videos. Live streaming doesn’t merely keep your followers engaged, but it also attracts more viewers. Wi-Fi connectivity will also allow you to connect your camera to accessories like monitor, gimbal and follow focus. Another great benefit of investing in a vlogging camera with a built-in Wi-Fi is expedient saving of videos as compared to utilizing a USB cable for file transfer. Therefore, remember to check for the Wi-Fi connectivity feature when buying a vlogging camera.


Vlogging is a great way of making money online, which explains why it has taken the internet by storm. While you also require specialized skills and great content to become a successful blogger, a vlogging camera with the right features could make the difference between your failure and success. You will need to get a camera that can shoot high quality videos in addition to being fitted with an image stabilizer, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a hinged screen.