5 Kitchen Essentials Every Cook Needs

No matter if you are an established chef or just setting up your first home kitchen, these essential tools will make cooking simpler, more efficient, and even enjoyable. From creating perfect sear marks to whipping up homemade pasta sauce from scratch – these tools provide everything a budding cook needs to start creating culinary magic!

Begin your adventure with ease using this whisk set from Plateau Elk and collection of silicone mini spatulas that are both dishwasher-safe.


A spatula is one of the most essential kitchen tools, especially if you’re cooking or baking. There are various types of spatulas, each designed for specific tasks: solid turners with solid flat blades and long handles are great for flipping food such as pancakes and fish fillets or moving hot items between pan and plate, while perforated turners contain holes or slots in its flat blade to allow liquids and fat to drain away from food, while perforated turners feature perforations in their flat blade that allow liquids or fats from draining off while perforated turners feature perforationss in their flat blade to allow liquids and fats from drain away.

An alternative option is a straight narrow-bladed spatula, often called a palette knife and similar to those used for painting. They can be useful when spreading icing or other spreads.

Food Scraper

Some kitchen tools, like the microplane used to grate cheese, have clear functions. Others, however, possess more nebulous superpowers – for instance the bench scraper found more often in carpenter garage than in kitchen. Yet its humble form proves invaluable when transferring chopped ingredients between pan and bowl or cutting dough.

When it comes to baking casseroles and pie crusts, a sturdy colander is indispensable. Not only is this strainer easy to handle but it collapses for compact storage; even better still is that its eye-catching patterns won’t make you want to keep it hidden away in a drawer!

Measuring Cups & Spoons

Measuring cups and spoons are essential bakeware tools that enable precise measurement of ingredients for recipes to ensure successful outcomes. These measuring utensils help create consistent measurements to guarantee results from every bakeware recipe that comes your way.

Dry measuring cups are designed for powders while wet measuring cups are meant for liquids. A set usually provides chefs with all of the sizes they require when creating new recipes.

Crate & Barrel ceramic measuring cups come with a vibrant palette that looks beautiful on open floating shelving while matching well with stoneware dinnerware sets. Heatproof and dishwasher-safe, their magnetized spoons keep them from scattering haphazardly inside drawers.

Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders offer an innovative solution to traditional blenders by enabling direct use in pots or bowls without needing to transfer hot liquids between appliances. Their long blending arms enable you to reach deep ingredients easily while some models even feature accessories like whisks or choppers for more versatility.

Choose a variable speed blender for precise control or one with a whisk attachment for faster whipping. Some models also feature frothers to aerate milk for coffee or tea beverages.


Colanders can be indispensable kitchen tools. Also known as sieves, colanders feature holes that enable liquid or semi solid food items to pass through while simultaneously filtering them through.

Colanders can serve a multitude of functions beyond draining pasta and washing vegetables; their most obvious uses being draining pasta and cleaning veggies. But colanders also can be used to steam vegetables by covering them in boiling water then allowing the steam to pass through their holes.

Metal colanders feature dual handles while plastic ones typically only offer one long handle. You’ll be sure to find an assortment of sizes at any kitchen retailer or restaurant supply store.


Juicing is an efficient and enjoyable way to increase fruit and vegetable intake. A commercial juicer will enable you to quickly and effortlessly create delicious drinks that your customers can enjoy, setting you apart from competitors by providing healthy options on your health food menu or fun combinations for bar selections.

Consider purchasing a model with pulp control settings so you can customize your juice flavor. Also keep size, noise level and storage capacity in mind before making your selection – try selecting something durable which meets all your requirements.

Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable slicers, also referred to as food processors or fruit cutters, are used to cut fresh produce into various shapes. Some models specialize in only processing certain kinds of produce while others can process multiple varieties at the same time.

Vegetable slicers feature sharp blades that produce consistent slices, giving your dishes an appetizing appearance and making use and cleaning easier. Furthermore, these machines are lightweight and simple to operate and clean up afterward.

An effective vegetable slicer is essential in any kitchen as it helps speed up cooking time. Chopping and cutting vegetables takes time and adds delay in making meals.

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