Furniture Accessories For Every Room in Your Home

Furniture accessories can make any home more beautiful while keeping things organized – for instance, using a mango wood cutlery stand can keep napkins and utensils separate.

Walmart offers an expansive selection of furniture and home decor accessories, all easily navigable by style. Their return policy is impressive while shipping fees may be costly.


Trays come in various shapes and sizes to add decorative flair in every room of the house. Fast, affordable, and eye-catching setups create intrigue while adding quick decor enhancement.

An entryway table needs something special to catch keys, phones and other small items like house plants – why not add a small wooden tray as a catch-all for keys, phones and more? A vignette on a console or hutch with brass urchins or glass orbs would look stunning too, or add one or two on its surface to give any dull nook a pop of life?

A decorative tiered tray stand is ideal for serving cookies, pastries and appetizers at brunch or tea parties. A larger wooden tray makes an eye-catching centerpiece on dining tables or buffets.


Coasters absorb moisture to protect wood furniture and tables from water rings. Furthermore, coasters add visual interest by accentuating tabletop surfaces.

While most drink coasters are constructed from paper, there are other materials used for coaster production that can also be customized with graphics or engraving to promote drinks and the establishment itself. Coasters can be an effective promotional tool used in bars and restaurants alike for advertising drinks as well as their establishment.

Greenliving has designed the handcrafted octagon coasters as presentable coasters that make an impressionful statement about your table. Not only is their material highly durable but the shape adds aesthetic value. Their handcrafted craftsmanship adds visual interest on any surface with their octagon design accentuating table surfaces beautifully.

Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are medium-sized blankets used both decoratively and functionally, typically constructed of cotton, rayon chenille or wool silk material. While their dimensions tend to remain standard among manufacturers, custom orders may also be accommodated depending on your individual needs.

Synthetic blanket fabrics such as fleece can be easy to care for and cost-effective, though it should be noted that they tend to be less breathable than other blanket fabrics.

No matter the fabric, a throw is simple to wash in cold water using gentle detergent. To protect delicate materials such as cashmere from being damaged during washing, it is recommended that it is placed inside a mesh laundry bag while being washed.

Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are an easy and stylish addition to your home. Made of glass, these containers add both function and decoration in any kitchen – from displaying colorful spices to creating captivating terrariums, there are endless uses for these lovely pieces!

An apothecary jar is an excellent storage solution for dry food kitchen supplies such as flour, sugar and baking powder; bathroom items like bath salts cotton balls Q-tips; collectible coins fancy soaps Christmas ornaments as well as collectible coins. Furthermore, its glass material makes them the ideal display case for sand shells scented wood and dried flowers.

Wholesalers purchase furniture accessories in bulk from manufacturers, then sell them at discounted rates to retail shops at reduced costs – saving the shop money and giving customers access to a greater selection of products.


A nightstand (sometimes known as a bedside table) provides the perfect place for keeping glasses of water, alarm clocks, books and phone chargers nearby. Many styles offer drawer storage space as well as open shelves designed to store books, lamps, cosmetics or medications as well as personal belongings.

Choose a nightstand that complements the dimensions of both the room and bed by taking measurements of both. An oversize nightstand could easily overpower a bedroom while one that is too small may lack necessary functionality.

Burke Decor offers an assortment of nightstand furniture designed to meet every size and style need in your home. Use decorative trays and lamps to add flair to bare tops, creating beautiful bedside vignettes. Keep top decor to 1-3 carefully selected pieces for a balanced look; additionally consider installing wall-mount lighting above each nightstand to save space and add depth.

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