How to Plan a Bathroom Interior

Bathroom design makes a statement about your home, as guests view it upon entry and walk through its hallways. Informed decisions make the space practical as well as pleasing on the eye.

Interior designer Breegan Jane employed a repeated circle motif in her client’s bathroom to foster an atmosphere of peace. These round shapes can be found everywhere from window frames, sconces, seating arrangements and the floor itself; all coming together seamlessly as one.

Basic Layout

Bathrooms should be functional spaces without being devoid of visual flair. To create the best possible environment in your bathroom, arrange its essential elements using the same principles you’d use when planning any other room in your home – for instance, begin with sketching out your layout so that it accommodates you comfortably while assets like storage cabinets don’t block opening doors or view into shower enclosures.

Kendall Wilkinson Design used long, vertical sconces and a mirrored wall to add height, creating the impression of an expansive primary bathroom suite. This simple trick makes the bathroom seem much larger.

Maintain a clutter-free interior space by limiting the number of accessories that you hang or place on walls, and avoid crowding too many items into small spaces. Focus on increasing floor space while creating an open feeling with clear glass shower doors, open shelving units, and neutral colors as your goal.


Lighting plays an integral part of creating the look and feel of any bathroom, whether that means recessed ceiling lights, pendant lights over vanities or track lights installed along cabinet toe-kick areas. For optimal results, choose lighting that includes both styles and finishes to achieve an eclectic effect.

Cool-toned lighting is ideal for creating an energizing spa-like experience, featuring more white and blue tones than its warmer counterparts, creating an energetic vibe. However, for vanity areas where warm-toned light may be more flattering and easy on the eyes than cool tones, warmer-toned light may be more suitable.

For natural lighting, choose fixtures with a CRI of 80 to 90. This ensures your skin tone looks its best and allows you to easily view fine details in your beauty regimen.


Your bathroom’s main fixtures – toilet, sink and shower – will depend on its size and plumbing connections. To create a luxurious look you could splurge on top-of-the-line plumbing; or stay within budget by opting for value engineered pieces that still function efficiently.

Light fixtures and storage shelves can make an enormous impactful statement about a room’s style. Choose a light fixture with an eye-catching design to enhance the color palette in your bathroom; an eye-catching frame mirror adds depth and visual interest; while storage shelves with different compartments and levels will help declutter your area.

Soap dispensers come in an assortment of designs to match any bathroom color scheme or make a bold statement, while bath mats with prints depicting water or outdoor scenes, or towels in soothing aqua, blue and white tones can also make a statement about your space. Popular choices like burnished bronze finishes can add glamour and style to the space.


Bathrooms can often become disorganized spaces, so having plenty of storage options available to you is essential. Open shelves and drawers allow everyday items to remain within easy reach while chic baskets help organize surfaces by corralling clutter.

Trying to add more storage without compromising aesthetic appeal? Consider installing a narrow rolling cabinet between the toilet and pedestal sink – perfect for extra tall products like nail polish, travel-size shampoos and conditioners, decorative objects or extra space! This style of shelving may free up an additional few inches for taller products like nail polish.

Back doors provide another prime spot for clever storage solutions. Interior designer Shannon Tate used this area to hang a woven basket to hold freshly folded towels or purchase an elegant silver metallic rack with suction cup hooks for quick and easy access to folded items; decorative storage bins can also be an efficient way of organizing smaller items

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