Selecting the Right Home Security Hardware

Home security involves both the physical security hardware put into a home and people’s personal protection techniques. Physical security equipment is cameras, alarms, gates, locks, and other physical deterrents that are used to deter burglars or worse, thieves. Such equipment may include alarm clocks, window decors, signs letting people know that the home is protected, lights, gates, and even fences. While such protective measures are necessary, they must be combined with effective personal security practices to guarantee that the homeowners can sleep easily at night. Personal security practices include proper cleaning of homes, which goes hand in hand with becoming armed and alert.

For instance, many home security systems rely on wireless technology rather than wired systems. Wires can be an easy target for thieves, who can cut them and enter without leaving a telltale trail. If wires are left exposed or misplaced, it can be easy for someone to simply use a staple gun to access the area, leaving no evidence that anything was taken. On the other hand, a properly installed wireless home security system will alert the homeowners before someone even gets inside.

Likewise, glass breakage is another key factor in home security systems’ effectiveness. Many thieves target homes with heavy windows, since they offer an easier target for breaking the glass. Some manufacturers design their products to resist being shattered by even the largest breakable glass. However, some owners prefer not to take chances. For these homeowners, window sensors are the perfect solution.

In addition, glass break detectors are another component of a quality home security system. These detectors can sense when windows are broken. When this occurs, the alarm will sound, which means that the police or fire department can be dispatched. The same applies to smoke detectors. Alarms and motion sensors can be connected to a single system or each may be connected to several different monitoring devices.

Home alarm systems today generally include wireless surveillance cameras. The cameras monitor the property, but the control panels and monitors are the brains of the system. These control panels will either automatically record motion or send a recorded video image to a remote monitoring station. Multiple cameras can be controlled to zoom in on certain areas or rotate the video image in a predetermined pattern.

A good home alarm system will allow you to select which types of sensors are used in its perimeter. There are basically three main types of sensors: glass-break sensors, smoke detectors, and motion sensors. Each type has its own purpose and uses. Glass-break sensors, for example, are designed to detect when glass is broken, regardless of whether it is viewed or not. Smoke detectors should be used to alert you when the house is lit up with fuel particles, firecrackers, or similar things.

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