The Best Rugs For Living Rooms

Are you searching for a way to add some vibrancy or pattern to your living room? Rugs are the ideal solution. Not only will they brighten up the space, but they can also bring warmth and coziness.

When selecting a rug, opt for one that can withstand heavy traffic. Wool rugs are popular due to their thick and durable nature.

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Rugs are an easy way to bring color, texture and dimension to your home. Whether you prefer neutral hues or bold patterns, wool rugs will make your floors feel inviting and luxurious.

Wool rugs offer comfort to your floors while being durable and resistant to wear and tear. Crafted from natural materials, these carpets can easily handle heavy foot traffic as well as whatever other abuse your family or guests may throw at them.

Wool rugs are great for many rooms, but they’re especially beautiful in the living room. Place them beneath couches or sectionals or put them in front of the fireplace for an inviting touch.


Jute is one of the toughest rugs available, designed to withstand daily traffic in a living room. That makes it an ideal choice for high traffic areas like this one.

Jute rug are an eco-friendly natural fiber that’s soft and luxurious, making them the ideal choice for any home. Plus, they’re easy to maintain so stains won’t ruin their style.

Maintain the aesthetic of your jute rug by vacuuming regularly and spot-cleaning any stains that appear.

Dry-cleaning powder or a soft bristle brush are two great methods for getting rid of stains on jute rugs. With these steps, your rug will look new for years to come!


If you’re searching for a rug that’s both cost-effective and easier to maintain, synthetic rugs are your answer. They come in an array of colors and sizes so there’s sure to be something that complements your style perfectly.

Synthetic rugs are typically made of synthetic fibers such as nylon, olefin or polyester. These materials are durable and easy to keep clean.

Vacuuming or using a damp sponge to clean water-based stains won’t stain them; however, oil-based stains require professional cleaning at least once annually for best results.

Polypropylene (or olefin) synthetic rugs are widely regarded as the best-looking option. Although treated with chemicals to make it stain resistant, polypropylene isn’t as durable as nylon or polyester and should not be used in high traffic areas or direct sunlight as this can lead to fading over time.


Beige rugs are the perfect way to add a cozy atmosphere and warmth to your living room. Their neutral colors offer endless design possibilities and can go with many different furniture styles.

Decorating with either a contemporary theme or mid-century modern layout? A beige rug helps define the floor space and brings order to your decor. It goes great with patterned furniture or multi-colored drapes.

Patterned beige rugs come in chevron, stripe, abstract and paisley patterns. Braided or woven, these textures add depth to your living room decor.

In addition to matching your room display with a beige area rug, these rugs can soften harsh furniture lines or upholstery. Furthermore, these rugs make excellent choices for minimalist interiors that feature mostly solid colors.

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