Choose a Bathroom Cabinet to Elevate Your Decor

Choose a cabinet that complements the decor of the bathroom to complete its overall design and make a difference in how it appears.

Solid wood cabinets boast timeless charm, but are typically more costly than other materials. Plywood and MDF (medium density fiberboard) offer more affordable alternatives that can often be painted.


Modern bathroom cabinet ideas are an easy and cost-effective way to revitalize a powder room or master bath. Boasting sleek slab cabinets with minimalist hardware, modern vanity designs allow statement pieces such as an eye-catching stone countertop or modern light fixture to stand out.

Sky blue sits between almost-neutral light blue and deep navy blue, offering an aesthetically pleasing hue to create feelings of relaxation and calm in any spa-inspired master bathroom.

Make an eye-catching statement in your bathroom with black cabinetry, the color can add sophistication, modern style or edginess depending on its use within a room.

Wellborn has everything you need for the modern retreat or classic powder room of your dreams with quality custom cabinetry made in America and available with various doors and finishes that match both style and budget.


Boho bathroom cabinet designs offer an earthy vibe, providing an opportunity for creative storage solutions while incorporating different materials.

Woven baskets are an iconic element of this aesthetic, providing a convenient place for toiletries. Additionally, natural elements such as wicker lamp fixtures or hanging bundles of eucalyptus will bring the outdoors in.

Patterned wall tile is another great way to inject some boho flair into any space, especially those lacking natural lighting. Try opting for floral prints for an additional whimsical vibe.


As bathroom designs move away from clinical to spa-inspired designs, natural wood has become increasingly prevalent as an accent material. From vanity frames and built-in solutions to built-in solutions made exclusively of this natural material, its presence evokes serenity and luxury.

Modern interior schemes often benefit from simple cabinets painted in soft hues; select one a little darker than your countertop to add depth and dimension.

Navy blue cabinets add an eye-catching pop of color and timeless style to your bathroom cabinets, while remaining fashionable over time. Pair this storage with a matching framed mirror to complete the look in your space. Riveridge tall bathroom cabinet features easy mounting instructions as well as an included towel bar; plus it costs under $100!


Tall bathroom cabinets with splashes of color are an elegant way to elevate any design scheme. A deep purple cabinet makes a statement while remaining both sophisticated and fun; navy blue provides timeless elegance.

Wall-mounted cabinets offer an easy solution for small bathrooms without much floor space to spare, providing valuable extra storage solutions that save both floor and vanity space. You can choose a color to complement the vanity or keep things neutral to match any decorating style or decor theme.

Solid wood cabinetry can expand and warp depending on humidity changes, making it less than ideal. Plywood offers an alternative that’s stronger than its wood counterpart while preventing moisture damage; plus it goes great with modern decor – consider opting for dark finishes for an uncluttered aesthetic.


Bathroom cabinets provide the perfect opportunity to demonstrate personal style. A flat-panel door conveys traditional aesthetic, while slab or flat-panel drawers hint at contemporary designs for a timeless aesthetic. Round knobs add an air of traditional elegance that works well with both vintage and modern elements.

Yellow can provide your bathroom cabinets with a cheerful vibe that’ll lift your spirits each day and put a spring in your step! Plus, its cheerful hue will get people upbeat as soon as they walk into their showers!

An organized bathroom cabinet with drawers, open shelving and cabinets is a great way to keep all of your products and toiletries organized. An l-shaped cabinet with two cabinets and two shelves offers even greater capacity for accommodating various items.

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