Choosing the Best Plumbing Fittings

A reducing coupling is an indispensable plumbing fitting, ideal for many projects and compatible with multiple pipe types, providing easy installation without tools or soldering. With its reliability and high quality construction, its use by both amateurs and professionals alike.

This brass fitting is ideal for copper, CPVC, and PE-RT pipe applications and can be used indoors or outdoors. Being lead-free and corrosion resistant makes this safe and long-term option.


Kohler is renowned for their luxury kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Offering many styles, custom options, and accessories to meet any lifestyle or taste. Their long history of producing premium products speaks volumes about their commitment to quality manufacturing.

Kohler was founded by John Michael Kohler in rural Wisconsin in 1873 and first introduced its enameled plumbing fixtures for sale to customers in 1883. Over time, Kohler has evolved into an international corporation with 48 manufacturing locations on six continents worldwide.

Compression fittings are among the most commonly used plumbing fittings, featuring a nut and compression ring to connect pipes quickly and simply without needing special tools or compatibility concerns. They are easy to install quickly while being suitable for different pipe materials.


Kohler and Moen are two leading names in the plumbing industry, but their identities differ considerably in several key ways. Historical facts, location details, product offerings and design philosophies all play into creating their distinctive identities.

Kohler offers kitchen and bathroom sinks, while Moen specializes in faucets and showerheads. Their wide variety of styles and finishes enables them to meet the needs of customers who have diverse preferences and design trends.

Moen products offer innovative features and meaningful innovation that benefit users – such as their LifeShine non-tarnish finish and MotionSense technology, both hallmarks of excellence. At Steadfast Supply, we are pleased to carry a vast selection of Moen kitchen and bathroom faucets so we can help you find your ideal match!


The JUWO 1/2″ push to connect coupling is a reliable plumbing fitting that allows users to join water pipes without the need for soldering, crimping or clamping. It is simple and versatile in use; compatible with various pipe materials while meeting potable water plumbing standards making it suitable for home improvement and repairs projects as well.

These push-fit plumbing fittings are constructed of lead-free brass for long service life and increased resistance to corrosion and abrasion, making them suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Furthermore, their push-to-connect design reduces leak risk – all features that combine into an outstanding plumbing fitting solution! This product comes as an assortment pack.


SharkBite push-to-connect fittings make installation faster and lower labor costs by streamlining installation on various pipe materials – including copper and PEX. Their use also facilitates new installations or repairs without the need for time-consuming soldering, which creates poor-quality connections that may lead to leaks over time.

Plumbers frequently turn to SharkBite brass push-to-connect couplings as an efficient way to connect two distinct pipe types quickly and effortlessly. Easy to install and rotate once connected, these fittings can even be used behind walls or underground installations (if wrapped with silicone tape).

No glue, solder, or torches are needed for installation – eliminating errors and costly water damage as a result of poor fittings. In addition, these fittings feature a green visual indicator to confirm a secure, permanent connection.

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