Learn How to Use Timers to Improve Home Security

There are many reasons why timers can improve your home security. Home Security is about more than just keeping your doors and windows locked, when you leave for work or come home. You have to secure your entire property. Your home is a physical extension of the house you live in. The doors and windows should be secured with timers that are reliable and easy to use.

There are many timers available for sale. You can purchase timers that are battery operated, solar operated, or manual timers. Battery operated timers – especially for outdoor use – are preferred by many homeowners because they are very convenient. They have a smaller footprint and don’t require a lot of electricity to run. Solar operated and manual timers are great for indoor use as they are more reliable and require no electricity.

How to use timers to improve home security begins with arming the system before you leave for work. If you do not arm your system before you leave home, then the alarm will not react to any motion across your property. After you get home, set up your home security system to react to an attempted burglary as soon as you leave the home. Most systems allow you to choose whether you want an audible alarm, a silent alarm, or both. The more audible and sensitive your alarm is, the better your chances of thwarting a thief.

After you arm your home security system, you can go about the process of learning how to use timers to improve home security. One of the best ways to ward off a burglar is to make sure your lawn, bushes, trees and driveway are all clear of anything that could serve as cover for the burglar. A common approach is to put out several traps and alarms around your home, but this is an expensive and often unnecessary method. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to keep your outside home and garden free of debris and possible hiding places. Do yourself a favor and learn how to properly arm and disarm your home security system. A simple motion detector alarm is an excellent first step in learning how to use timers to improve home security.

When you have finally learned how to properly arm and disarm your home alarm, you will want to know how to use timers to improve home security. Timers are a great additional layer of defense between your home and a potential burglar, because they give the criminal the time frame in which he has to find your house before you know he has been detected. This gives you, the homeowner, sufficient time to call the police, talk with them on the line, or seek other safety measures such as blocking the doors and windows.

Some homeowners have even learned how to use timers to improve home security by triggering the alarm when doors and windows are opened when they are not expected, such as when a child gets home from school. In addition, timers can be used to trigger the siren when a pet enters the home, such as a dog. Alarms can also be used to make your home more comfortable by dimming the lights during bad weather, and turning on timers to keep your central air conditioning unit fully-enclosed during long, cold nights. If you have extra money, consider buying motion sensor lighting to deter thieves from breaking in your home. This will add another layer of protection.