How to Build and Install a Sliding Door

How to Build and Install a Sliding Door from a Wood Frame is very easy if you have the right tools and material. If you do not, it can be a very difficult project. The main thing that you need to start with is a solid wood board that can be used as a foundation for the sloping wall on which the door will slide. This board needs to be at least eight feet long and five feet wide for best results. You will also need two pieces of twox4s that are at least six feet long.

Measuring the distance between the two door edges is another important step in building a sliding barn door. The two measurements you take should be one fourth and one half inches apart, as well as one foot and a half inches apart. Using a spade and measuring tape, make two cuts at each distance and fit the two pieces of wood together with their centers lying flat on the ground. This will become your tracks.

Once you have your two pieces of wood installed on their sides, you will need to prepare the support brackets and door handle. Start by installing the door handle in the center of the two pieces of wood, using the right side to face out while you screw the support brackets into place. Make sure you anchor all of the hardware to the studs in your wall so that when you install the luan plywood panels you will not scratch your walls. Apply wood glue to the outside of the track by using the long end of the dowel. Once you have glued the luan plywood to the track, you can begin to attach the panels to the support brackets.

Next, use the right sides of the luan plywood to align the panels to each other and to the track. You will then take the wrong side of the panel and slide it under the panel that is already there to hold the panel in place. Using the same procedure, you will then apply wood glue to the inside of the circle brackets and to the track, holding everything in place until you are ready to attach the door.

If you have no experience in building doors, it is best that you purchase a kit that contains the basic materials that you will need along with detailed instructions. Most of these kits come with the base plate, the lanyard, and the molding. All three items should be included in the kit when you purchase it. If you are purchasing the kit from a local home improvement store or lumber yard, ask for their help so that you do not purchase something that does not fit. There are some differences between the different types of lumber used to make your door.

Once you have successfully built your door, you can apply the finishing touches and make it look just like it did when you first installed it. If you wish, you can use your new construction for a sliding patio door. Just remove the old panel and slide the new one in. Your door will look as if it was always there.