What Are The Types of Wardrobes Available?

Wardrobes are often thought of as a piece of furniture, but really they are much more than that. A wardrobe cupboard is a sturdy standing closet usually used for storing clothing. The first wardrobe was simply a wooden chest, which were obviously not comfortable to store clothing in, and so wasn’t very useful. As time progressed, more improvements were made on the chest including racks, hooks, hangers, drawers, and even cabinets.

Wardrobes have gone through quite a few changes over the years and one of the most important changes was the addition of extra shelves. The invention of wardrobes has helped to create much more room and storage in our homes, giving us the opportunity to store more clothing, accessories, and other items. Wardrobes themselves can be quite simple, often nothing more than three shelves and a hanging space for belts or other items hanging from the walls. More modern designs are available with many extra features such as drawers and/or cabinets on the side.

Most people think that closets are just a place to store clothes, but there are other functions for wardrobes and other furniture in the home. For instance, many wardrobes are used to store other household items, many of which may not be easily accessible without opening doors. This is where closets come into their own. They can be fitted with closets doors that allow easy access to the storage you desire. Wardrobes can also often act as a display area where photographs or other pieces of artwork can be placed.

Another use for wardrobes in the home is to act as a walk-in closet. Some homes do not have a built in walk-in closet, and as such require you to either install one in your wall space or purchase one that is specially designed to fit into the space. Walk-ins offer a simple and easy way to store clothes which cannot be stored in a wardrobe space, offering a more orderly storage solution. Many homes now come with built-in wardrobes as standard, offering the most flexible storage solution around.

Many modern homes also come equipped with fitted wardrobes, which feature a sliding door wardrobe which can be fitted to almost any standard size wall. Fitted wardrobes offer the same amount of storage space as non-fitted wardrobes, but with the added bonus of a sliding door, which means you don’t need to worry about space barriers or about knocking into things when you walk through your wardrobe. Also many fitted wardrobes are fitted with a hanger bar which allows you to hang more clothes than usual. The hanger bar makes it easy to hang long coats or dresses and gives you the opportunity to make a stylish fashion statement by hanging shoes and jewellery.

Alternatively you could opt for a freestanding wardrobe that feature hinged doors or sliding doors and are made from a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. These types of wardrobes are designed to look like full-sized closets and can come in a range of different sizes and styles. Freestanding wardrobes allow you to make the most of any small space by providing you with additional hanging space, while the hinged wardrobe offers an easy solution for cramped spaces and provides you with the ability to store a huge number of clothes. You may want to choose a freestanding wardrobe that has glass panels on the doors to allow some light into the room or even choose a mirrored double door which can reflect and bounce light in a flattering manner back into your room. Both freestanding and hinged wardrobes have the advantage of being easily opened and closed, and they can be custom-built to suit your exact requirements, whatever those may be.

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